Or, how I came to learn I’m neurodivergent AF

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We tend to talk about drinking in one of two ways — something special, or something shameful. It’s a celebration, enjoyment of a craft, a way to bond. Or, it’s dark, secret, and sloppy. “HEY LOOK AT MY DRINK” or “don’t look at the drunk”. For something so entangled in our highest, lowest, and most mundane moments, we lack a real nuance in how we relate to our friend the bottle.

When I stopped drinking in January, I was sick, and also stopped eating sugar and drinking caffeine and started doing pelvic floor guided meditations. It was a whole thing

Focus on the right message for the right people using the right tools

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One of the top reasons business leaders — across size and industry — struggle with marketing strategy is not knowing how to say the right thing to the right people. Add “using the right tools” and what you have here is a messaging strategy problem. Remain calm. We can get you out of this.

Tip #1: If you’re struggling, simplify and clarify

First, the cold, hard truth. Usually, a messaging problem has nothing to do with the words you’re trying to come up with and everything to do with an unfocused business.

You don’t necessarily need to stop providing a variety of services, but you might need to…

Subtle ways to stop compromising while you’re working for The Man

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Like a succulent in sunlight, the patriarchy thrives in corporate America, which sucks because that’s where a lot of bright, talented feminist women are just trying to earn an honest living. But in between getting sh*t done and taking care of other people, they’re being subjected to inappropriate employee personality training and nonsense performance reviews while still receiving lower salaries than their white male peers. Sound familiar?

If you’re tired of constantly compromising, but speaking up all the time is exhausting, and you don’t really think much will change anyway, allow me to introduce you to the fine art of…

It’s time to start taking Emotional Intelligence seriously

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I have a love/hate relationship with marketing. There are so many bad ways to do it, like, morally, ethically bad. But when it’s done well, it can be downright delightful or even utterly inspiring. And here’s the thing, until the digital age, how to do it “right” was a series of totally made up things. Someone would have an idea and try it and it would work, then everyone would do that for a while until the next interesting idea. That’s still mostly true today. Marketing’s hard to track. It’s that ambiguity, that possibility, that I really love.

Working inside…

Your emotional intelligence strengths are the key to a sustainable marketing strategy

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A brand is more than just a cool logo and a catchy slogan. It’s an experience that ranges from how easy you are to find to how well you recover from mistakes. It’s also more than what you say in your marketing, it’s what kind of marketing you do.

Even when you’re at a company with a multi-million dollar budget, doing it all doesn’t make sense. Marketing is a vast world filled with possibilities, and not every choice is right for your brand, or your team. When you’re…

All you have to do is make a list!

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It’s easy for marketing strategy to get a little, let’s say, messy. Staff turnover, the allure of trying trends you can’t sustain, budget challenges — there are lots of reasons to lose the thread. And, when marketing that wasn’t that strategic in the first place gets too overwhelming for your small or cobbled together marketing team it’s easy to justify putting it on the back burner. You’re less likely to know what you’re missing. …

We may have already made the most important choices about what comes next

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My drafts folder is filled with attempts at neatly categorizing and prioritizing what I’d like to see happen in my own post-pandemic life — the achingly tantalizing concept of the “new normal.” Nothing was sticking. I’d get halfway through, hit a wall and abandon that direction waiting for new inspiration to strike. I wanted to write about the choices we have in who we talk to, and how we spend our time. …

Step away from the logo concepts and do this first

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TLDR: A logo isn’t a magic marketing spell. Having a strong brand takes inner work.

Can I share a pet peeve with you? It’s talking about rebranding. Almost any time someone has talked to me about a rebrand, they’ve meant a logo redesign. Maybe a name change. And that’s the end of the list. Each time, my marketing strategist heart breaks a little more.

“We were called XYZ in purple and now we’re X-Z in red! Rebranded!”

Somewhere along the way, for a lot of people, brand and logo became interchangeable, and for some reason it is really hard to…

And how to think about personal marketing in a way that doesn’t make you gag

The author surrounded by a bunch of stuff that’s so on brand, doing a super on brand activity

I love talent-specific reality competition shows — The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol. Love. I’m a sucker for the formula, the tear jerker stories, the creative growth. But what I really love are the coaches and mentors that help the contestants along the way. It’s so heartwarming to watch them find the competitors’ strengths and match them up to songs or dance moves and help them have moments that only they can have.

That’s the trouble with ambitious people sitting down on their own trying to create a personal brand wholecloth, with, like, a worksheet or…

How the pandemic drove me not to drink

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90 days ago today, I stopped drinking. I also quit caffeine, chocolate, bubbly beverages, and acidic foods. I hugely reduced my fried/sugary/refined carbs intake. And I started meditating daily. Which is to say, I didn’t stop drinking as an isolated choice — time to quit drinking! I stopped doing a lot of things that were making me sick.

Really sick, lying in bed all day, crying because of the pain, lost in a haze sick. And the only relief to be found for it all was to treat my body with way more TLC than she’d had in a long…

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